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Welcome To Opto Network Private Limited
Opto Network is pleased to announce the introduction of Internet Telephony with host of value added features. This service can be availed by using a VOIP device supplied by Opto Network with specific plans which can be connected to your broad band connection and your normal regular telephone set.
The VOIP device will provide appropriate interface with Opto Network and you will be able to use the telephone set in a regular way you are familiar with. The service can also be used with soft phone on your desk top/Laptop PC. You can choose a calling plan as per requirement of your usage. The details of various calling plans available are given below.
  • Unique Identification no. for VOIP device.
  • Can be reached thru local access nos. across globe.
  • Unlimited inbound calls on VOIP device.    More..
Opto Network offers several easy to use solutions that enable you to take advantage of IP telephony.
  • Budget Plan.
  • Economy Plan.
  • Unlimited Plan.    More..
With our Partner membership, you can create new opportunities and achieve your business objectives.
This helps you to drive business innovation and form a trusted foundation for strategic decision making.    More..