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Who are we?

Opto Network Private Limited is an Internet Telephony Service Provider which is also one of the largest distributors of the ITSP related products such as IP Phone, USB pen drives with IP Telephony applications and other products to cater to the needs of Indian customers.


Opto Network Private Limited
B-86, Sector-14
Uttar Pradesh

Opto Network Private Limited offer the products such as IP Telephones and USB phones with IP Phone applications called Opto Communicator bundled with the products. These applications have built in SIP protocol which will work with almost all vendors IP Telephony services. Opto Network offers the products at best possible rates to benefit the customers.

Opto Networks ships these devices anywhere in India after getting the online orders accepted by the system. Opto Network used the secure online transactions with best encryption to safeguard customer's credit cards.

Customers can purchase the products using the credit cards online or use the e-transfer or purchase from our franchise outlets across India as per the convenience.

Opto network provides full warranty for the products it shipped to our customers including the free replacement in case of defects in the products. Incase of the corruption of the software bundled with the USB systems Opto network offers free software downloadable from our website.

In short Opto Network offers the best value for money service with good customer loyalty, best quality of service and dedicated 24 x 7 customer support and customer friendly policies.