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Quality of Service :

We make every effort possible to provide you the best quality of service. However in case of any quality related issue, following are our contact details:

Phone: +91-120-2490401, +91-120-2490402, +91-120-2490403, +91-120-2490404,

Fax: +91-120-2581488,


Interested in learning more about our products? Our knowledgeable Sales Associates can help you.

General customer

Questions about how to use your service? Our Customer Care Associates can give you the answers and will explain about any new feature that has been recently introduced. We can assist you in placing your order and help you track your order.

We welcome suggestions and feedback from our esteemed customers to help us improve our services so that we can serve you better. For suggestions/issues just Click Here


Having difficulty making or receiving calls? Experiencing a call quality issue? We can troubleshoot your service issues and help to resolve them.